Waist Training Hint’s & Tip’s

How to begin

  • It is a good idea to measure your waist before you start waist training.
  • You may need help to put waist trainer on for the first few times-this is completely normal. The fit is supposed to be tight to give firm compression.
  • For the first wear you may start at 2h daily and build up gradually as you feel more comfortable.


  • Recommended wear is from 4-10h daily. Persistence is the key.
  • For lower belly fat/saggy tummy connect the hooks starting from the bottom first lifting your belly up whilst pushing it in.
  • Waist trainers are to be hand wash on a delicate setting or wiped down when required.
  • Stay hydrated-drink plenty of water whilst waist training.
  • When your waist trainer starts to feel too comfortable or loose, then it is time to move onto next set of hooks.
  • After removing your waist trainer is recommended to do some abs exercises for at least 15-20min.

not Recommended

  • Don’t sleep in it
  • And when you feel any discomfort take it off
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If you need help