When it comes to waist training, for best results it should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. As you commit to your journey to healthier and more beautiful body, you start observing what you eat, how much and at what time. You start being active daily, either by going to the gym or running daily or simply start dancing classes. Now this is where the waist trainer comes in. By itself, it reduces your waistline by as much as 5 to 7.5cm as soon as you put it on. Next, it helps stimulate heat in your core, which makes you sweat more around your midsection (or area covered by your waist trainer). This is especially effective during exercise sessions as you are increasing your workout intensity. Waist trainer provides other benefits as well, like improving your posture, boosting your confidence, increases motivation and may help with better portion control with your food intake while wearing. All these elements work together as a part of your sliming journey, helping you achieve you desired results. For best result, it is ideal to wear your waist trainer every day for at least eight hours.


Like anything else in life, every lifestyle practice is safe if you listen to your body and use common sense. If you are using a waist trainer that fits properly, you should not experience any pain or discomfort. You might be surprised by how tight a waist trainer can feel, but you will get used to that feeling… and may even like it. But it should never be so tight that you feel short of breath or feel any pain. If you are experiencing any pain – take it off IMMEDIATELY! It will not work if it does not fit! We also recommend that you include core strengthening exercises as an essential part of your waist training journey and healthy lifestyle


This is perhaps most frequently asked question. The answer is – it depends! It depends on how dedicated you are to waist training, what your goals are, your body type, lifestyle and genetics. All these elements play a role. However, most women find that after several weeks of committed wear, they start seeing noticeable results. Best way to monitor your results is to take your own before-and-after photos and measurements, so you can see how far you have come and how much closer you are to your goals! Most people take their photos in the morning because light is ideal, and your belly will not be full of food or water. Then make sure you take all future photos in similar conditions at similar time of day because it will help emphasize the variable you want to see – your waist.